A Spanish Culinary Adventure

We are located in the Mercato Metropolitano Mayfair, a rustic establishment where gastronomy takes center stage in its purest state, perfectly combining simplicity with uncompromising quality. Mercato Mayfair, a beacon of culinary innovation, invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends global borders and traditions. Here, Soleado endeavours to revive the enduring Spanish market restaurant tradition through our distinctive culinary offerings, where simplicity and excellence coexist harmoniously.

The founders of Soleado hail from the picturesque northern region of Asturias, a natural paradise where rich history intertwines with a distinctive gastronomy brimming with unique flavours. Notably, Marcos Moran, Soleado’s culinary director, also hails from this region and is renowned as the creator of Spain’s most celebrated «fabada» at his family restaurant, Casa Gerardo in Asturias, awarded a Michelin Star and three suns by the Repsol Guide.

Marcos has appointed Head Chef Williams Salvador as his head chef and right-hand man in this project, who together with Marcos has developed the interesting menu of Soleado.

Our culinary offerings showcase our Asturian heritage and philosophy of simplicity married with delectable flavours, encompassing:

Our artisanal cheeses, «encurtidos» (pickled) and «embutidos» (artisanal cured meats).

Regional delicacies, lovingly crafted using time-honoured methods, including asparagus from Navarra and succulent ibérico ham from Huelva, not to mention the coveted Cantabrian anchovies.

A delectable array of Spain’s most cherished classics, from the iconic «croquetas» to the tender «paletilla de cordero» (lamb shoulder).

An irresistible selection of «pescaito frito» (crispy fried fish), featuring delights like fried squid.

Complementing this culinary journey, you can savour a curated selection of wines that elegantly traverse the diverse vineyards of Spain, capturing the essence of its rich winemaking heritage. Our décor, while elegantly understated, pays homage to the timeless charm of market restaurants, ushering you into a realm where quality and simplicity coalesce in a symphony of gastronomic delight.

Decorated by the acclaimed interior designer Lorenzo Castillo who has been recognized as one of the 60 architects mand interior designers most influential in the world in 2017, and was nominated in 2014 as “The Best Designer in Spain” by the renowned magazine Architectural Digest.

We welcome you to Soleado for your next culinary adventure.

Our Jorney

Mercato Metropolitano Mayfair

Mercato Metropolitano history unfolds against the backdrop of a pilot project in 2015 during the World Expo in Milan where the team regenerated a 150,000 sq. ft. disused railway station. The development of the first Mercato Metropolitano was carefully planned to retain the site’s original appearance and character, protecting the local community’s affection for a unique part of their urban history.

Over the course of a mere four months, the endeavour bore witness to an astonishing influx of two million visitors, exceeding £8 million in expenditures over just 4 months. This successful experiment paved the way for the evolution of a visionary concept, leading to the inauguration of our first Mercato Metropolitano in London’s Elephant and Castle district in 2016, followed by Mercato Mayfair in 2019, MMY Elephant Park and MMy Wood Wharf.

Today, Mercato Mayfair stands out as a unique space in central London. Nestled within the St. Mark’s Church on North Audley Street, deconsecrated in 1974, is now a cultural hub of sustainable authentic food, offering two floors of worldwide cuisine, a rooftop terrace, wine cellar and community space. Maintaining the Mercato ethos, ingredients are fresh, artisanal, and sustainably sourced. On the first floor with a vantage view point you can find our unique restaurant, Soleado.