Soleado endeavours to revive the enduring Spanish market restaurant tradition through our distinctive culinary offerings, where simplicity and excellence coexist harmoniously.

Merkato Mayfair

Rustic establishment where gastronomy takes center stage in its purest state, perfectly combining simplicity with uncompromising quality. Mercato Mayfair, a beacon of culinary innovation, invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends global borders and traditions.

Meet the Team

Soleado boasts a stellar team of dedicated professionals who bring this culinary adventure to life. Each member of our team is passionate about delivering an authentic Spanish dining experience, ensuring every detail is perfect for our guests. From our talented chefs to our attentive service staff, we work together to make Soleado a true taste of Spain in Kensington.

Market Gastronomy

Spanish market gastronomy brings the vibrant flavors of Spain to life through diverse market stalls. Each one offers fresh, local ingredients and authentic dishes, reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Spain.